AriA Music & Entertainment as a company was formed by Ali Sepehrband in the early 1990's, but really started when (at the age of 8) he became interested in listening to and collecting music. Not just some music, but all kinds of music. Over the years Ali became a serious music collector as he found himself immersed in musics from around the world, even before the idea of "World Music" or "Fusion" came into vogue. Not a musician himself, his consumate passion for collecting music led him to want to use his musical knowledge and acquired background to become active in the music world.

Over the past few years, he has certainly done so, becoming a musical entrepreneur in more ways than one. He worked with the late Steve Feinstein, Program Director at San Francisco radio station KKSF on several projects. He became a producer and a promoter for a number of musical talents, including Keiko Matsui, and a host of San Francisco Bay area performers.
INVISIBLE BORDERS™ is Ali's current recording project.
We at AriA Music & Entertainment believe that music is the greatest unifying factor between all cultures, and that the influence of musical styles cannot be contained by social, cultural, geographical, or other borders, hence the title for our series, INVISIBLE BORDERS™.