Pamela C. Arthur, Pianist
Pamela Arthur

Pamela C. Arthur began her musical career at a very young age. At age 3 growing up in a small town in Connecticut, Pamela's best friend was Tara Mehegan, the daughter of the famous Jazz Theorist John Mehegan. Tara and Pamela were inseparable and often hung out by Taraâs fatherâs studio, listening to Jazz greats such as, Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, and Hubie Blake. This is where her musical education began. Her family later moved to Dallas, Texas, where at the age of 15, she studied musical composition with the notable composer Robert Xavier Rodriguez. She continued her musical studies, which included classical and jazz piano, musical composition, and jazz arranging.
Pamela later ventured off to California to study Electronic Music/Composition at San Jose State University. It was here where she found her new home. Exploring many different musical genres, as well as composing and performing modern music, she became a specialist in music and computers. In 1987 Pamela was awarded an Artist-in-Residence grant at Lincoln Performing Arts High School to teach Electronic Music.

This one-year grant lasted 10 years(!), being the longest artist-in-residence grant in the State of California. The department grew to become the best state-of-the-art multimedia department in the country, and received many awards. During her ninth year at Lincoln, Pamela had a hectic schedule in performing, recording, and consulting in multimedia. She decided to leave Lincoln and concentrate on her career in music and multimedia. It was then that she started her own multimedia company, Westport Media Resources.

During the last 3 years, Pamela has recorded on 5 CDs. For her most recent CD, Invisible Borders II, she was musical director as well as pianist for the project. The album includes several of her own compositions, and she arranged most of the pieces. Her multimedia career has expanded to producing and creating Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs), and Westport Media Resources presently has 5 DVDs out in the market. Currently you can catch Pamela performing with LadyBo and the BC Horns, Vernon Davis of Groovetherapy, and as solo Jazz Piano at many local Bay area venues. For 1999 Pamela is looking forward to releasing her next CD entitled "Pamela's Secrets, Music to Make Love By", and will be creating one of the first audio DVDs of Invisible Borders II.