It is an ongoing recording project, with a multitude of talented artists, playing many varieties of musical fusion, combining Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, World Beat, New Age, and other musical styles. The concept is to create new musical sounds through the use of these various musical nuances, and to incorporate both Western and non-Western musical instruments. Truly music without borders !

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INVISIBLE BORDERS I features the music of award-winning film composer Saeed Shahram, a Persian-born musician. This is the album that started it all--the INVISIBLE BORDERS series. This album introduces a new type of music, combining Western and Eastern melodies and rhythms to produce a very contemporary sound, with exotic overtones. Unusual aspects of this album are the "tone poems": groups of pieces written around a specific theme. Look for two of them, "Sea Gives, Sea Takes Away", and "Scheherazade". Also notable is the use of several Persian musical instruments, skillfully orchestrated in concert with the more typical Western instruments.

The Music: Click on the tracks for free mp3 previews & downloads
Sand Waves
Chain Of Love

Let Me Into Your Blues

Our Fragile Soul Past And Beyond
Prisoner Of Tears The Light From The Deep Dark

Tone Poems:

Sea Gives Sea Takes Away


Sea Gives Sea Takes Away

Her Last Request

Forest Under The Sea

A Born Storyteller

Rain Deserts Clouds For The Sea

Deeply In Love With Her

Sea Gives....  

She Is The Passion

Sea Takes Away....


The Festival

Featured Artists  

Saeed Shahram (Piano, Keyboard, Synth programming)

Nejad (Ney--Persian flute, Daf--Persian percussion)

Pamela Arthur (Piano, Keyboard)

David Winters (Acoustic Guitar)

Richard Kratt (Acoustic Bass)

Bob Blankenship (Drums)

Jorge Bermudez (Percussion)

Omid Zoufonon (Acoustic Guitar)

Monica Parker (Vocals)

Peter (Saxophone)

Kayvan Jahanshahi (Setar--Persian 4-string Tar)


©Aria Music & Entertainment 1998

INVISIBLE BORDERS ™ II INVISIBLE BORDERS II features the music and performances of Nejad, Frederick Clarke, Thom Duell, Jeff Mayer, and Pamela Arthur, five highly talented artists residing in the San Francisco Bay area. Their music is a new, fresh sound combining Western and Eastern musical elements from around the world. Is it jazz ? Yes. New Age ? Yes. World Beat ? Blues ?  Flamenco ? Yes to all. This album presents an eclectic and diverse compilation of melodies, harmonies, and musical nuances using both Western and Eastern musical instruments, to create a feeling of total fusion of new and familiar sounds, ranging from mellow to upbeat and jazzy, always colorful and dramatic, stimulating and exciting. With the latest in technical achievement,
INVISIBLE BORDERS II is presented in Dolby Surround® Sound, giving the listener the ambiance of a totally live concert sound. Add in the quality of "aliveness" from perfect studio performances, and you have an amazing album.

The Music: Click on the tracks for free mp3 previews & downloads
1. Fascination
7. Unlearn Animosity
2. Friends
8. Silent Lies
3. Faded Shadows
9.Gone With The Wind (Moorish Blues)
4. L'ete Indien "Indian Summer" (Africa)
10. L'ete Indien
5. L'ete Indien (Smooth Jazz Version)
11. Passage Within
6. Diner Pour Deux "Dinner For Two"
12. Got It !

Featured Artists  
Nejad (Ney--Persian flute, Santour--Persian dulcimer, Flute)
Thom Duell (Bass, Percussion)
Frederick Clarke (Acoustic Guitar, 12-string Guitar)
Pamela Arthur (Piano, Keyboard, Synth Programming)
Jeff Mayer (Guitar)
Danny Hull (Soprano and Tenor Sax)
Phil Bjurman (Bass)
Brad Bjurman (Drums)
Peter Booras (Drums) Larry Murphy (Percussion)